About Us


Lane Hyett loved his community.  He took great pride in being able to serve the people of Aledo and the many surrounding communities.  Lane also had an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for selling.  He began his sales career in high school when he would sell tools and jewelry out of the trunk of his car.  Over the next few years his business grew, and in the early 1970's, he opened L. R. Hyett Furniture.  Through the furniture store and RadioShack, Land found the avenue he needed to combine his passion for sales, and his support for the community.

Family Business

The small family business encompasses more than just the Hyett family, but includes the many employees and friends that have become an extended family over the years.  Lane is greatly missed, and no one can fill his shoes, but the business continues under the leadership of his daughter, Lisa.  She hopes that the community Lane loved so much will continue to think of Hyett Furniture & Radio Shack as their first stop for any furniture, appliance, mattress and electronic needs.